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Interested in conservation projects? Want help paying for school and have some living money, too? How about beginning a career in the government or private sector through trainings, certifications, experience and internships? The WCCC is Currently Accepting Applications  in Grand Junction Positions Offered We have an extended application review period, so fill out an App below [...]

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Need labor for your conservation project? Want to support youth education and employment? Find out the benefits of working with youth conservation corps, responsibilities, and how to get started today. Services Offered Overview WCCC provides work crews of 6-10 young adults for conservation projects with various land management agencies. Crews are turnkey operations dedicated to [...]


Find out the impact that youth corps work has on local youth, the community, and the environment. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogger, and Pinterest. Check out our latest photos. What’s New at the WCCC WCCC Thanks GOCO & Colorado Lottery Earlier this year, Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) awarded the Colorado Youth Corps [...]


In 2012 we:

Served 176 Youth & Young Adults.
Completed 70,380+ Hours of Field Work.
Learned Environmental, Life-Skill, Career & Academic Lessons in 7,400+ Hours of Trainings.
Delivered 250 professional certifications  in Skill Sets Ranging From Sawyership to CPR.
Earned $66,477 in AmeriCorps Award Scholarships for Higher Education.
And 2 Corpsmembers earned their GED’s.

2012 was the biggest year for the WCCC, we had the most jobs and most consistent crews to date. With the increase in capacity, we were also able to increase our staff support in order to manage all of the crews. 2012 was  the year used to lay the ground work for our Veteran’s Program. The recruiting was in full force which will allow for a number of vets to be served in an employment-service situation in wild land firefighting and environmental work. Along with those accomplishments, we have also acquired several working relationships with Western Colorado State University and maintained the relationship with the BLM.

About Us

  • Thank You!

    How to Invest

    Along with the skills the corpsmembers receive while here, we also invest in them financially. Be part of the investment.

  • Who We Are - Western Colorado Conservation Corps

    Who We Are.

    Our Goals are to: – Provide meaningful work in and around the community. – Teach skills for future employment and/or education. – Foster respect and understanding of environmental stewardship. – Build relationships and participate in team-minded work between people of varied backgrounds. – Teach a strong work ethic and instill a sense of pride in [...]

  • Where We Serve - Western Colorado Conservation Corps

    Where We Serve.

    The Western Colorado Conservation Corps serves the counties of Mesa, Montrose, Delta, & Gunnnison. Please let us know if you have a conservation project and if we can’t help you, we’ll find someone who can.

  • What We Do - Western Colorado Conservation Corps

    What We Do.

    WCCC is engaged in a number of projects focused on the maintenance of Western Colorado’s varying ecosystems. We work with agencies such as the Bureau of Land Management, the Colorado National Monument, Vega State Park, and many more. Most projects are focused on Trail building & maintenance, Invasive plant species removal such as Tamarisk & [...]

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    How to Reach Us.

    Western Colorado Conservation Corps: 2818 1/2 North Avenue Grand Junction, CO 81501 – 970 241 1027

Western Colorado Conservation Corps
2818 1/2 North Ave
Grand Junction, CO 81501
P: 970-241-1027
F: 970-263-0367